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We are
Odyssey Tours

Odyssey Tours was born in January of 2007 from our passion to explore our country, Greece with our motorcycle and our desire to share the unique destinations we discovered with fellow bikers and travellers from all over the world. We also truly believe in and support sustainable tourism and our office started by offering many kinds of theme tours, such as wine tasting, bird watching and archaeological tours and of course our favourite ones – motorcycle tours. 

In September 2008 in co-operation with whl.travel, we launched www.travel-thessaloniki.gr, a portal for hotel, activities and tours booking in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, with emphasis in sustainable tourism. We worked with whl.travel until 2013

In July 2009 we signed a contract of cooperation with Interepid – Urban Adventures to provide city tours and activities in Thessaloniki through www.thessalonikiurbanadventures.com. We have sold our rights and website in 2017 to devote our time and energy to our motorcycle tours.

From 2012 we have been also organizing motorcycle tours for the Greek market – we are now the most reliable and trustworthy operator with a wide variety of tours – check them at Odyssey Moto Tours

Trading name ODYSSEY TOURS
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Other booking and reservations services – 79900000
Retail trade of souvenirs, other touristic items etc – 47788904
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